A lapse in posting… Ugh.

Hey all! I am so sorry my post have been …uh… non existent in the last week. RL’s been a real bitch. Anywho, I’m back! RAWR! I just wanted to give some love to some lovely photos I found from ages ago… It’s funny looking back at SL photos and trying to remember why I took it. Ha! The nakie photo was a promo shot for something or other and the pretty red gown was from a hunt a trillion years ago. Well, thats not true. SL wasn’t around a trillion years ago… or was it? Okie…okie… this is just a breather before more post come in. See you all very soon!!! Oh yeah! Check out my homeland, Mystara! We just got accepted into the SL destination guide! Check us out: Mystara. WoOt!wOoT!


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