What a Knight.

…He stood at her window, his hands trembling as he stared upon her sleeping figure. It had been many moons since last his eyes set their sight upon his Auburn haired love. Her emerald eyes flickered open as if she instinctual knew he had returned. ..
This is my great friend, Jac. He is awesome, especially because he let me play dress up with him! Oo. He was so patient. I get a little obsessive when I’m trying to get a certain look. Today’s RP story focuses on both Men and Women looks, but not the super fancy “Royalty” look. Not all Role Players “Play” nobility. Most of us play “common folk”. The color scheme in this look is neutrals. As you can see, I pulled my gown’s color from Jac’s leather strapping and trousers and focused his gray tunic alongside the clean white ruffles on my bodice. Most “common folk” wouldn’t be able to afford the rich dye to make a red, purple, or green gown. Jac’s character is wandering ranger or knight and I am playing the simple role of a flower girl ( I’ve always wanted to sit around and sell flowers). All I need now is my Country knight to sweep me away and live happily ever after. 

What JAC is wearing:
Hair:    [COLORS} hair19-darkolive (S)
Skin: * REDGRAVE* 09B Emil Deep-Tan   
Eyes:  MADesigns Eyes_AUTUMN twilight-dawn
Look:  Eclipse, Rapier-Tan-M (Boots included)
Weapons:    Dark Monk, LupeGaru Sword
What I’m Wearing:
Hair: Truth- Tamina in Chestnut (Upper)
Skin: LAQ Tasha Makeup 10
Look: !!!Quality Designs!!! Lyn in Chocolate (necklace included)                                        


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