Furniture, Hair, and Lingerie? Oh My!

Happy Wednesday, y’all! I promised some sneak peeks at my humble abode, so here you go. ::Hands over the obnoxious photos:: Photo “A” contains the best XLstreet find I’ve ever purchased. This bedroom set is called the “Summerbrook Bedroom” it includes everything you see here, plus a few more items I didn’t feel like putting out. You can purchase this item here: Zen Creations. If you know anything about Zen Creations, you know that everything in this bedroom you can totally have sex on. Totes! The bed has a million positions and cuddle poses as does the lounge at the foot of the bed. I love cleverly disguised the “sex” usage is. For instance, not only is this bedroom set obnoxiously adorable and innocent, but there are single poses for people who would actually like to sleep, relax, and play instead of do the naughty >.< The skybox is from [Whats Next] and is totally affordable. I purchased the unfurnished version because I don’t have a ton of L at the moment and I thought it would be a fun challenge to see how furnished I could make this place with under 1000L. Ha! 

This is my Kitchen! Not that I have any idea how to cook, but… hey, why not? This fun little set is from Marianna Vita. I love how rustic it looks. The soft, off-white really adds that extra little “Omph!” LMAO.

Oh..yeah…and here’s me. I’m wearing my NEW favorite Truth-Hawks hair! This is called “Tamina” and I’m seen here wearing it in Chestnut. I love how soft the little fly-a-ways look and how innocent it makes my Avi look. The long braid is absolutely stunning! I also am wearing this sexy little lingerie set from Royal Designs. I won it off a gift chair for sitting for five minutes. I know… I’m a little lame, but look what I got out of it! How hot is this strappy top and corset?! Anywho, the skybox is still under construction, but until then… enjoy me in my panties. O.o


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