So, like, I totally have this BFF…and, like, her name is Annie Ibanez. HaWleR! Annie and I have been besties for awhile now in SL and I’ve been watching her growth as an “eye” designer from the very beginning. She is the most talented creator and designer I know and I’m not saying that because she is my best friend… She seriously is the living end as a designer. Her “eyes” are all hand painted, designed for a variety of SLer’s, and ingeniously designed to be prims for custom fittings and color choices. I’m seen below wearing the RIVENDELL line in “Sapling”. The RIVENDELL line was one of the original creations in her journey through SL’s “eye” world and now has been upgraded BIG TIME! RIVENDELL 2.0 WoOt wOot! 

The RIVENDELL line is beautifully haunting and perfect (In my humble opinion) for Role Play. There is something magical about Annie’s eyes. Something unearthly… If you look closely you’ll see the attention to detail, including the shadowing, veins, and shading. The color chart is particularly amazing, as each color is created by Annie and named for it’s inspiration. I love seeing A drow in “Somber, Ash, and dusk” or Elven, Fae, and Mer in the brighter colors, such as, “Wildflower, River, and Wheat”.  My favorite of the RIVENDELL line is, “Sapling”. I tend to stick to my greens and “Sapling” is such a stunning color. It compliments my LAQ “Tasha” skin perfectly. Every one’s whispering about this up and coming designer… and I’ll have the scoop. Get yourself a pair here: IBANEZ EYES NEW MAIN STORE Check out her HOT blog!
A special thanks to my Annie Beans for being so AWESOME!

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