Cupcakes Anyone?

Oh my goodness gracious! What a day…What. A. Day. Halloween in SL always seems to be very busy. Busy PARTYING! Oh, yeah. Actually, todays big event for me was the “Passing of the Mystarian Crown”. Uh huh. I am no longer the High Queen of Mystara and it was my duty to pass the Mystarian crown to Zavarra. Zavarra is the new High Queen of Mystara and I will now be known as: The Lady Of The Mist. Not that you cared… just thought I would share. AFTER the event in Mystara I was very busy roaming the grid for cute things… home and garden things to be exact. That post will come later. I did however create a super cute look on my alt >.< I just wanted to give you all a sneak peek at all the fabulous to come. Can you guess where I got this adorable skin? Cupcakes. Super duper cute, huh? Yeah, I was pretty smitten with the make-up. I’m totally doing a color post and using this skin. HOTNESS! 

I’ll also be posting a one-on-one interview with the Creator of Mystara and Ibanez Eye Designer, Annie Ibanez, A One-on-one interview with the new Queen of Mystara, Tari Zavarra, and my new HOME!!! Ack! It’s so cute. Plus, I’ll be seriously cracking down on my SIM of the week. Stay tuned!


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