[LeLutka] Rocks my world.

 [LeLutka] Femme Halloween Gift (Hair included)
[LeLutka] Homme Halloween Gift (Hair not included in the Homme pack)
Hair: [rQ] Anger PitchOnyx
skin: LAQ Tasha Makeup 4
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes in Attis 

OMG! Could you die?! I know! Me too… That’s right ladies and gents, [LeLutka] has some bad ass freebies right now that EVERYONE should have.  They have generously put out some bitchen designs for both men and women. As you can see, I’m rocking both looks because I can. The texture in the Homme’s coat is incredible and the detail in the scarf is seriously something to faint over. It’s the little things, people! Look at the folds on the Femme’s gown. Look at it! I’d sooner die! It is so perfect… I was seeing this dress advertised on all the FREEBIE SL blogs and thought to myself… why the hell is this free? Maybe because [LeLutka] is the coolest!!! Whew… I have so much to blog on right now, but I seem to be lost in le le LELUTKA Land.

Loving LeLutka,

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