I’m such a Witch.

So… I was trying to clear away some old crap in my inventory and came across this gem. Isn’t it adorable?! I think I got it as a freebie at Evie’s Closet last Halloween. I immediately took off all my clothes and dove into this gown. The Orange is so vibrant and the sweetheart cut makes my boobies look so good! Let’s not forget the UBER delicious hat 🙂 It’s so cute! Oh my goodness… I’m ranting. Thought I would share… but I want to see all your cute Halloween get-ups. Email me all your cute halloweenie photos and I’ll throw them up on the blog! Make sure you include where you got it from and any other information you don’t mind the world reading. ha! I can’t wait to see every one’s spooky clothes. 

Halloween it up!
-Outfit must be either a freebie or won off a MM board, Gift chair, Group gift…yada yada. 
-I’ll post the photos on a separate Blog post for all to see and the winner will receive the satisfaction of being the coolest and most creative SLer EVER! LMAO. Let’s go… you have two days left.

Have fun all you fabulous Ghouls!

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