It Was Just A Dream… Right?

As All Hollows Eve draws near, I’ve been growing more and more excited each day. Halloween is my favorite holiday and in my humble opinion, the MOST fun. Come on, who doesn’t love dressing up and collecting souls, I mean candy… >.< Today I took a trip to the mysterious and very creepy sim called, Innsmouth. Now, that may sound familiar to all you Lovecraft fans. Innsmouth is the fictional New England town created by H.P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft is famous for his creepy and twisted tales. I'm reading his Necronomicon now. Very spooooooky stuff and perfect for Holloween! 
 Innsmouth is full of twisted paths, abandoned buildings, and Sea Monsters. What?! Sea Monsters? Mm…hm. That’s right. Sea Monsters. 
 What large teeth they have… This one got me. YIKES!

There are a ton of fun poseballs to play with and awesome sights to see. Especially if you feel like being creeped out! The sim is very large and has a very intricate story to tell. It’s massive builds and haunting textures really set the scene. 
P.S. Turn up the sim’s sounds and music. Muahahahahahahahaha!

Someone untie me!

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