An Autumn Stroll Through Everwind

Mm… Can you feel it? That cool Autumn breeze rushing past you, taking with it a troop of red and gold dancing Maple leaves? Can you smell it? A freshly baked Apple pie, cooling by an open window? Can you hear it? The continuous rustle of leaves under your feet? I sure can. It’s Autumn! My favorite time of year. Autumn reminds me of many things. Haunted Hayrides, baking, Harvest Moons, and woolen gowns. I simply love Autumn and all that comes with it! I woke up this morning to my serving staff baking all sorts of lovely goodies in the kitchens. I had to sneak down and see just what they were up to. My bare feet touched the cool stone walkways toward the Kitchens and I knew, Autumn is upon us. Here in Mystara, the leaves have yet to turn and the flowers are still in full bloom, but I could taste it in the air. I decided to visit a neighboring sim and favorite haunt of my mine to start off this golden season by taking a stroll amidst the changing Oaks and never ending paths of, Everwind. 

Everwind is a very large Role Playing community made up of all sorts of races and beings. I visit as often as I can, but only to gaze upon all the loveliness in the sim. It’s extremely hard to break into RP here, because so many of Everwind’s established players and groups already have so much going on RP wise. I just like to come and sit under the great Oaks or have a quiet meal in the Bitter Banshee. 

As you can see through all the lovely portraits I’ve loaded, that Fall is definitely everywhere in Everwind. I appreciate a sim, that takes the time to spread the changing seasons about. I decided to take my basket with me to pick the last of the summer blooms… The wildflowers in Everwind are stunning and wonderful in teas and wreaths. 
I took a moment to think back on the summer and all the incredible people I have met and all the wonderful events I attended. I am sad to say farewell to summer, but in the same breath, overjoyed to welcome Autumn. I highly suggest taking a stroll around Everwind and praising Autumn as I have.  
Please be advised: This is a very serious RP community. Rules will be followed. Please wear the observer tag given to you upon entry and be respectful to those around you. Thank you. If you have any questions concerning Everwind, please direct them to Grace Loudon.

What I’m Wearing:
Hair: D!va Hair “Haruka” (It’s a group gift and available for a limited time! Hurry)
Eyes: Ibaenz Eyes “Smooth Glow in blue”
Gown: The White Armory “Will O’ the Wisp” 

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