The High Queen’s Tailor, HOA

The House of Alisha or HOA is no stranger to the Role Play community in Second Life. HOA by Alisha Ultsch specializes in the most dramatic and period correct costumes (I hate saying costumes, because Role Players don’t see themselves as wearing a costume, rather then their everyday wardrobe, but for this piece i’ll call them costumes). I was married to the Elven King of Mystara in the Royal Bride Gown from HOA and absolutely died over it. As did all my players on the sim. It truly is an incredible find for those that wish to make a statement. The Royal Bride gown from HOA comes with a full bouquet of flowers, half veil, and full veil. 
                   The Royal Bride Gown from HOA with the full bouquet of White Lilies and half veil.

The Margarita Gown from HOA

Most of all HOA’s gown are fitted with a really great AO that includes wonderful RP options, such as: Sleep, Curtsy, Bow, Kneel, and many more. You simply click on the skirt of the gown and choose your option and watch your character spring to life with beautiful RP poses perfect for any situation. With the exception of the Royal Bride Gown and a few others, all HOA gowns are very affordable and super fun to wear. Also, HOA doesn’t only design for Medieval era sims, but also for a variety of other periods. Be sure to saunter on down to The House of Alisha and spend some time gazing at all the gorgeous detailed textures and sculpts on the gowns. 

P.S. Alisha Ultshc also designs custom gown… hint hint. So, if you’re looking for that “one of a kind” Gown, be sure to contact Alisha Ultsch for a consultation 🙂 

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