I recently had the opportunity and honor to tour a brand new Pirate Rogue Sim with one of it’s creators and a very good friend of mine, Markis Paine. Markis and I have been Rping in Second life together for as long as I can remember. I met him in Artstonia (An RP Favorite), where he was and still is the Archmage. Markis comes off as dark and mysterious and is a little rough around the edges. but he had me the moment I looked upon his handsome face and surrendered to his dark charm. He stood on my council in Mystara as my High Guardian. I simply can’t get enough of this man! He and his partner in Crime, Minniver Endsleigh have created a marvelous sim called, Blackwood. Upon entering the sim I looked down at my gown and blushed. I had overdressed, as usual. I turned to my left as the stench of old Ale and street filth filled my nostrils. BAM! I was all dressed up and no where to go. I followed Markis towards the Commoner tavern called, “The Cheeky Bastard” and was in awe of the glorious textures and rich hues of the tavern. The loose floorboards and deteriorating stone walls have many a tale to tell and the dirty bar top and piles of unwashed dishes suggest the sorts of folk that commune here. I quickly lifted my skirts and ran out of the tavern to a more exclusive and private drinking room just down the way. The sim is filled with rich history and a deep magic that only a well organized and designed sim can carry. Blackwood is said to be just North of Artstonia. The allure of this sim is simple, it’s a port. It’s a place where people of all races and backgrounds, rich or poor come to trade, pass through, or rest along their weary travels.  I can’t say enough about this AWESOME new sim. I’m so excited to RP here! I’ll be playing my one and only character, the High Queen of Mystara and will be doing quite a bit of business in Blackwood. If you are interested in becoming as resident or learning more about, Blackwood, please Send a Notecard with your questions or comments to Minniver Endsleigh and/or Markis Paine. 

After the ice had receded and the creatures of the mists had risen again a small coastal inlet formed. Well protected on all three sides, the sea lapping at the fourth. Fresh water fell from the mountain falls and the fishing was plentiful.
Many different peoples took this land for their own. First the Tribes, then the Picts, then the Saxons. Many battles were fought and much blood was shed for this land that became known as Blackwood.
Finally came the Romans. For one of the many large garrisons under The Ceaser’s orders to claim all lands of the Isles for Rome, Blackwood was the perfect place to launch a constant barrage of attacks on the surrounding area from a highly defensible position; a fortress was raised from the stone of the land.
To keep up morale, the generals had as many “civilized comforts” as could be brought from home. Other luxuries, meager as they were, were taken from conquered kings and lords.
After a few years Rome found itself at war on three fronts in the Baltics and Mediterranean over the right of this Ceaser to hold the throne of Rome in the name of the Gods. The garrison was called home.
The fortress sat abandoned and fell into disrepair the “civilized” comforts bore the weather and the insects and the ravages of time. Until a few enterprising folk were traveling the up the coast from the village of Artstonia. Within the fortress walls a village of dubious trade began to grow…
* I won’t post the Rules of the sim here, as rules change, but I highly suggest you read and honor them before and during any scripted RP in Blackwood. The rules are given to you upon entering the sim. Blackwood is an Azora sim and only Azora meters and items will be used.*
This is me in Blackwood. I swear I’m not bored, I was just caught drooling over Markis. SCANDALOUS!
What I’m Wearing:
Skin: League-Misty in Pale- Makeup deep Smoke
Hair: Boon-XFE275-blonde
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes- Sylph base and prim eyes in periwinkle 
Gown: The Painted Lilly- White Romance

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