ZoOm! Here we go!

Oh my goodness gracious! I am so EXCITED to finally take a moment and create my very own blog, and not just any blog, but a fashion blog! *Yawn* Okay, okay. I know. There are a bajillion Second Life fashion blogs out there. Many of which, I’m a fan of, but after many sleepless night (Okay, that’s not true). Like, I took a week to seriously consider writing a blog and I think I’ve found my niche. As some of you know, I’m a super duper Role Play diva. Yes, I’ve ran my own sim and still RP the Queen of a SIM called Mystara. The reason I started to explore this magical and virtual world we now live in is because I wanted to RP. I love it. I’m not sure why, but I do. Perhaps I’ve read too many fantasy novels. Anywho! I’ve now been RPing in Second Life for a little over a year and have come to appreciate many aspects of the RP world. One of which is the FASHION! Oh, please. You know an RP diva when you see one.

 RP Diva: An RP Diva is one who runs to “The White Armory” every Sunday come rain or come shine, is leveled up in all their Meters, and carries only the most exclusive and fashionable weaponry and healing amulets. SNORT!

I’ve been browsing a ton of the Fashion blogs and noticed a sad trend in the lack of RP and Fantasy Wear. I’m here to change that. I’m gonna let you in on the most exclusive RP sims, the most sought after Fashions, and the hottest weaponry! So, LETS DO THIS!

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