Hi there! Hello there! How do ya do? My name is Sorcha Ireland though I’m better known across the Second Life grid as, Sorchiee. I’m an active Blogger, Role Player, and all around busy body! I’ve been wandering the SL landscape for almost 7 years and I’m still surprised and delighted everyday. I created and founded the realm of Mystara with my friend Annie, but would soon find myself more interested in Fashion than in running an RP SIM. During the tail end of 2014 I met Duchess Flux who soon became my best friend and confidant. Together we own “The Ippos Collective” which is a set of 4 SIMs dedicated to beauty, creativity, and kindness. Duchess and I also own an event called, Enchantmentsl.com. You can find a load of information on our website <—-

My core group of friends consist of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Kynne, is my lil sissy and I love her so much. Divine is my oh-so-talented friend and fellow Blogger. Belle is my freaking amazing Blog Manager and all around badass, and Roxi, Rainbow, Inertia, Darth, Spyder, Frankie, Art, Kiddo, Voshie, Arica, Suzi, Bilbo, Ainara, Helga, Amanda, Alisa,  Noke, Siren, Sohma, Chandra, Aelva…damn -takes a breath- Drunnah, Damien, Vae, Karalee, Imo, everyone at The Lady Garden Cabaret, Cole Marie, Kol, Phe….Okay…There are just too many amazing people. You get the picture. 

We are all members of The Ippos Collective and together we form a community of artist, designers, creators, bloggers, photographers, and friends. We believe in being kind and supporting one another in all things. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends. In Real Life I’m a Costumer & Costume Designer for Film and Television. I pull so much inspiration from SL and the incredibly talented artist who call SL home. I have three cats (Keats, Dashiell, & Hemingway), a Chihuahua named Pixie, and a fish called Byron. I live in lovely Los Angeles and I’m in love with both my RL and SL. 



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